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Tricks to Run 2 WhatsApp accounts on One Android Phone Without Root

Published / by vikki

There is nothing left to inform about WhatsApp. It may happen that you may know better about the functionalities of WhatsApp than me. You might have guessed what we are going to talk about after seeing the title above. It’s really very interesting and innovative idea as well. Though you have a dual SIM enabled smartphone, you can’t run two WhatsApp on your device at a time. Because it requires phone number verification and at a time runs on one number. But using a tweak you can break the barriers and run two accounts simultaneously.


How to run two WhatsApp accounts on one Android device

Scared of the tweak, whether it will work or not? Let’s finish the confusion and start the step by step process of installing two different WhatsApp accounts of two different phone numbers on a single device.

Let me clear one point- you have to install an app called OD WhatsApp which is basically a third party app that enables running two accounts of WhatsApp. There is nothing to be panic about as the app is available in Google Play that means it’s completely free from any kind of malware and firmware.

But only installing this app does not let you get two accounts running in a streamline procedure. We have broken the process into three different phases for easy understanding.

First Phase- deactivate existing account

Take care of the below mentioned points before starting the actions-

  • Get a backup of the existing WhatsApp account.
  • Go to “Settings” > “Chat settings” > “Backup chats”.

Now go to the “Settings” and then to the “Storage”. Find WhatsApp there and clear the “App Data”. You have successfully cleared all the info of the last WhatsApp account! BRAVOOO…

The next step is to uninstall the WhatsApp app fully from your device! Do it.

Second Phase- Install OG WhatsApp and activate using primary no

Follow the below steps to install OG WhatsApp on your Android mobile-

  • Install OG WhatsApp from Google Play Store.
  • During account activation it will ask for your phone number. Remember one thing- always do provide the number of the existing account and after few minutes you will see the conversations you have backed up.

Third Phase- Install official WhatsApp and activate using secondary no

One account is created. Now we need to create another WhatsApp account. It’s easier than the previous tweaks. Have a look on the below mentioned steps, you will understand what you need to do.

  • Install the official WhatsApp app from Google Play
  • Provide your secondary number during account activation, that’s all.

Now you have two WhatsApp accounts activated on your device! BINGOOOO…

Feel free to write us if you have faced any issue while activating two WhatsApp accounts in an Android device. There is no other trick which can be used instead of this. This tweak is the most secured and easy. But maintain the precaution mentioned above in the first phase.