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Tricks to Run 2 WhatsApp accounts on One Android Phone Without Root

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There is nothing left to inform about WhatsApp. It may happen that you may know better about the functionalities of WhatsApp than me. You might have guessed what we are going to talk about after seeing the title above. It’s really very interesting and innovative idea as well. Though you have a dual SIM enabled smartphone, you can’t run two WhatsApp on your device at a time. Because it requires phone number verification and at a time runs on one number. But using a tweak you can break the barriers and run two accounts simultaneously.


How to run two WhatsApp accounts on one Android device

Scared of the tweak, whether it will work or not? Let’s finish the confusion and start the step by step process of installing two different WhatsApp accounts of two different phone numbers on a single device.

Let me clear one point- you have to install an app called OD WhatsApp which is basically a third party app that enables running two accounts of WhatsApp. There is nothing to be panic about as the app is available in Google Play that means it’s completely free from any kind of malware and firmware.

But only installing this app does not let you get two accounts running in a streamline procedure. We have broken the process into three different phases for easy understanding.

First Phase- deactivate existing account

Take care of the below mentioned points before starting the actions-

  • Get a backup of the existing WhatsApp account.
  • Go to “Settings” > “Chat settings” > “Backup chats”.

Now go to the “Settings” and then to the “Storage”. Find WhatsApp there and clear the “App Data”. You have successfully cleared all the info of the last WhatsApp account! BRAVOOO…

The next step is to uninstall the WhatsApp app fully from your device! Do it.

Second Phase- Install OG WhatsApp and activate using primary no

Follow the below steps to install OG WhatsApp on your Android mobile-

  • Install OG WhatsApp from Google Play Store.
  • During account activation it will ask for your phone number. Remember one thing- always do provide the number of the existing account and after few minutes you will see the conversations you have backed up.

Third Phase- Install official WhatsApp and activate using secondary no

One account is created. Now we need to create another WhatsApp account. It’s easier than the previous tweaks. Have a look on the below mentioned steps, you will understand what you need to do.

  • Install the official WhatsApp app from Google Play
  • Provide your secondary number during account activation, that’s all.

Now you have two WhatsApp accounts activated on your device! BINGOOOO…

Feel free to write us if you have faced any issue while activating two WhatsApp accounts in an Android device. There is no other trick which can be used instead of this. This tweak is the most secured and easy. But maintain the precaution mentioned above in the first phase.

How to Increase Computer RAM by using Hard Disk Drive(HDD) Space

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We usually suffer “insufficient RAM” problem in our PCs. RAM multiplies the multitasking and the quality of the job. We need RAM even if we are to play a high end multiplayer game and to render high graphics utility software. Many of us spent a lot of money in buying RAM. Do you know, if you follow some tricks you can increase RAM by using the HDD space of your PC itself?


Let us introduce this new kind of technique to increase RAM of our PCs.

Increase-RAM using HDD-on-windows

How to increase Computer RAM Using Hard Drive Space?

Here we are going to list down the step by step process of this technique. You are

always welcome to comment below if you are facing any issue while executing the process. Just by changing some settings of your PC you can make the RAM works faster. Here are the steps-

For better understanding we have split the whole tutorial into two different parts. The first part is about the changes in the settings and second part is about increase the virtual memory.

First phase of the actions

Before starting the process, make sure that you have 50% battery left if in case you are going to make the tweak in your laptop and turn of all the data connectivity for some time.

Once you have done these, you are ready to rock and roll.

Start with “My Computer”: Let’s start, first of all we need to navigate our mouse cursor to the “My Computer” and then need to click right on the icon. A list of actions will appear there. The last one will be “Properties”. Click left on the “properties”.

Do some tweaks with Advanced settings: Once the screen of “Properties” opens, try to find out the option named “Advance settings” on the left panel. Click left on it.

Second phase of the actions

Now starts the second phase. Be careful while allocating spaces because it directly influence the RAM capacity of your machine.

The second phase of the action includes some crucial methods. Here those go-

Increase virtual memory of your system: Then you will see a tab named “performance”. Click on the “settings” option available there and you will be directed to another dialogue box. The dialogue box is the “advance settings”. Click on that and there will be an option of “virtual memory”.

  • Click on the “virtual memory” and change option.
  • Now you need to uncheck the option of automatic manage paging and you need to select the drive whose paging memory you want to alter first.

Then the process is simple. Define the custom size of the memory and if you are done with it, click on the “Ok” option to finish.

That’s it buddy. You have successfully done the process of increasing RAM using the HDD of your system. It speeds up the performances and efficiency of your machine as well. You can ping here anytime for any help.

How to Fix Windows 10 Black Screen Issue

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Many of us have shifted to the Windows 10 as it was completely free to install for all Windows users (it does not matter whether you are using an original or pirated version of the Windows). Windows 10 is really awesome if we consider functionality and grip over the operating system both. But sometimes a black screen issue gives a hell lot of problems. Today, we are starting a comprehensive study on this issue and the probable ways to fix it without any special knowledge.

Like you I was also a beginner when I faced it, but some thorough researches I found some really cool solutions which I think valuable to share with you guys.


Let’s get into the step by step process of fixing Windows 10 black screen issue.

Start the PC in safe mode at first and then follow the steps one by one to resolve the issues.

Update the display drivers


Start with the display drivers of your PC. If you have manually updated all the drivers then lookup for the updates and if there is any update available then don’t think twice and install the update. In maximum cases this is the root cause.

Disconnect all the peripheral devices


Unplug all the external devices like mouse, printers and scanners and wait for five minutes and then restart again. Sometimes peripheral devices cause the issue. If this is the reason behind then this step will solve the issue. Connect the devices only after the Windows starts properly. Update the drivers just after it. Update all the drivers for peripheral devices. It will fix many issues.

Turn on the PC in safe mode

Open the PC in safe mode. For that enter Windows and C keys together, go to the “settings” and update the software and apps including drivers.

Disable fast startup

Another reason is the “fast startup”. Disable it by the settings in “Choose what the power button does”.

Run CMD, if you have an Intel graphics card sometimes it generates points towards a false pass of the signal to a false monitor. Log in from a local account and run CMD to clear it.

Detach laptop battery

Pull the battery out is another option if you are using a laptop. Detach the battery once it gets shut down and attach it after a few minutes. Restart the system and see whether the problem continues or not.

Check with other display

The last resort is to check the device display. For that you need to enter into the Safe mode, you need to go on checking the different displays attached to the system. Press the Windows Key + P to bring the display list at a time. Try selecting options moving the display to another attached display just like a TV or a second monitor. If you select the option of TV, make sure one thing that the TV is properly connected and turned on at this time. Check the TV display and see if it is receiving signals from your system or not. If the TV display is ok, using Windows key and P correct the monitor display.

Do let us know if this solved your problem.

Best 6 ways to save Snapchat videos permanently on Android and iPhone

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Snapchat is famous for auto a destructive message feature which provides more flexibility for the privacy freaks. Overtaking many other image sharing apps, Snapchat becomes one of the biggies in the arena of social networking apps. But what if you want to save Snapchat videos and images permanently? Did you ever think on it? I think you might but did not emphasize on it. There are hundreds of tweaks but trust me ninety nine of them don’t work.

Here we are going to clear some thoughts and list some proven tricks to save your Snapchat videos permanently. Some of them are pretty easy and anyone can do without any special knowledge.


Here are Those-

Take a screenshot:

When you open an image, take a screenshot of that using the power button and volume up button together. But sometimes the app does not let you take screenshot while viewing any auto destructive image. Do one thing- turn off the data connection and take a screenshot. It will work then.

Save images Using an app:

There are a lot of apps which can be used to save the images you have received available in the Play Store. These are Snap Save, SaveSnap, SnapBox etc. These apps work like butter and you don’t have to think twice on the efficiency of these apps.

Take a picture using cam of other phone:

It’s the easiest and the craziest idea. ake a snap using rear cam of other mobile while holding the image “ON” with he fingers of the other hand. Once you have pressed on it, it will zoom in and at hat time hold the image and get a snap with another mobile! Simple!

Use iFunBox software:

This is a marvelous trick. What you need to do is- don’t open the images you have received. Connect the phone to your computer and browse your phone memory using iFunBox file managing software. You will find temporary snaps there and those can be saved easily into your computer memory permanently. But remember, this tweak works only before opening the image! Once you have opened the images, this trick will not work.

Using Data recovery software:

If you have received any file and have already viewed it and then what will you do?? There is a simple solution- Install a data recovery app on your mobile or software on your PC. Connect with it and it will do everything with ease. You will maximum files back into your phone memory. But it works only within few hours of viewing.

For iOS user, specially:

Open the image and hold that with a finger while pressing the home button. Tap the home button twice. This is basically a hack and this action voids all detection by the Snapchat app and after that you can view the file as many times as you want in your phone.

Try these tweaks and let us know according to your thinking, which one is the easiest and best.