Best 6 ways to save Snapchat videos permanently on Android and iPhone

Published / by vikki

Snapchat is famous for auto a destructive message feature which provides more flexibility for the privacy freaks. Overtaking many other image sharing apps, Snapchat becomes one of the biggies in the arena of social networking apps. But what if you want to save Snapchat videos and images permanently? Did you ever think on it? I think you might but did not emphasize on it. There are hundreds of tweaks but trust me ninety nine of them don’t work.

Here we are going to clear some thoughts and list some proven tricks to save your Snapchat videos permanently. Some of them are pretty easy and anyone can do without any special knowledge.


Here are Those-

Take a screenshot:

When you open an image, take a screenshot of that using the power button and volume up button together. But sometimes the app does not let you take screenshot while viewing any auto destructive image. Do one thing- turn off the data connection and take a screenshot. It will work then.

Save images Using an app:

There are a lot of apps which can be used to save the images you have received available in the Play Store. These are Snap Save, SaveSnap, SnapBox etc. These apps work like butter and you don’t have to think twice on the efficiency of these apps.

Take a picture using cam of other phone:

It’s the easiest and the craziest idea. ake a snap using rear cam of other mobile while holding the image “ON” with he fingers of the other hand. Once you have pressed on it, it will zoom in and at hat time hold the image and get a snap with another mobile! Simple!

Use iFunBox software:

This is a marvelous trick. What you need to do is- don’t open the images you have received. Connect the phone to your computer and browse your phone memory using iFunBox file managing software. You will find temporary snaps there and those can be saved easily into your computer memory permanently. But remember, this tweak works only before opening the image! Once you have opened the images, this trick will not work.

Using Data recovery software:

If you have received any file and have already viewed it and then what will you do?? There is a simple solution- Install a data recovery app on your mobile or software on your PC. Connect with it and it will do everything with ease. You will maximum files back into your phone memory. But it works only within few hours of viewing.

For iOS user, specially:

Open the image and hold that with a finger while pressing the home button. Tap the home button twice. This is basically a hack and this action voids all detection by the Snapchat app and after that you can view the file as many times as you want in your phone.

Try these tweaks and let us know according to your thinking, which one is the easiest and best.